Kepler Systemes d´Information - 10th place in the 2016 Palmares 2016 Companies of Bucharest

The Chamber of Commerce and d´Industrie of Bucharest (CCIB) has just informed us about the 2016 Palmares 2016 Bucharest Companies that have achieved good economic results and congratulates Kepler SI for occupying the 10th place among the most successful Bucharest medium-sized companies in the field of data processing and management, web page administration and d´autres related activities.

With this opportunity, we would like to share this joy with all our partners, managers, production teams and collaborators and thank you for the trust and understanding you have shown over the years d´activite

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with you and this position commits us more to l´avenir

Our motto: We support you in all your projects to bring you a strong added value to all your development projects!

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